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Building Momentum For A Price On Carbon


Citizens’ Climate Lobby held its 5th Annual Conference in Washington DC June 22 – 24th.  It was my second international CCL conference; at last year’s meeting there were 365 CCLers from across the United States, with a few Canadians thrown in for good measure. This year the number of climate-concerned citizens nearly doubled, with 600 people attending the conference and lobbying days. visited About 500 congressional offices were visited throughout the week following the conference by  CCLers pressing for senators and congressmen and women to enact a carbon tax.

“Global warming is a problem that will change the American way of life and I don’t have the right to both acknowledge that and ignore it,” says CCL volunteer Brian Reynolds of Lincroft, New Jersey. “I came to Washington because voting and rallies aren’t enough. If you really understand this threat then you have a moral obligation to participate in that last, most important, bit of citizenship. This much and no less is required from those of us who care enough to want our way of life to continue.”

Take Time To Renew Your Spirit

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Nature isn't a place to visit.

LEGO: Everything is NOT Awesome

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Via Greenpeace International:

Shell’s global advertising deal with LEGO is part of a carefully thought-out strategy by Shell to buy friends who can make its controversial Arctic drilling plans look acceptable and misleadingly associate it with positive values. LEGO is one of the most beloved and admired toy companies in the world, and Shell knows that this deal will not only increase profits, but also improve the reputation of a company known for recklessly threatening the fragile Arctic ecosystem.

As part of the co-promotion, LEGO has branded Shell’s logo on a special set of its toys. By placing its logo in the hands of millions of children, Shell is building brand loyalty with the next generation of consumers. Shell has launched an invasion of children’s playrooms in order to prop up its public image, while threatening the Arctic with a deadly oil spill. We can’t let Shell get away with it.

If we convince LEGO to cut ties with Shell, it will be a major blow to Shell’s strategy of using deals with popular brands to distract from its Arctic drilling. As millions stand up to expose Shell’s true face, it will become harder and harder for Shell to get the public support it needs to destroy the Arctic.



Click here to tell Shell & Lego to stop playing with the Arctic

Take Time To Renew Your Spirit



University of Glasgow On Path Of Fossil Fuel Divestment


After this stunning banner drop, the working group set up by University of Glasgow to consider divestment has recommended full divestment from fossil fuels. A final decision should be approved in October 2014 by the University Court, just 12 months after Glasgow students launched their incredible campaign.

Glasgow University divests*

Read more: Glasgow University Working Group Recommends Divestment!

“Exxon Hates America”


FINALLY: A TV ad that tells it like it is: EXXON HATES AMERICA (and Canada, too). 

The ad, from green groups Oil Change International, The Other 98% and Environmental Action, is a follow-up to last year’s “Exxon Hates Your Children” video.


Go to if you want to see it on national television.

Making The World A Better Place Is Your Joy

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Shift happens.

A movie made by a movement.