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Youth To World’s Politicians: It’s Time To Buy Back Our Future


Here is another post from Ani, a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation representing Manitoba at the Durban climate conference, will be a regular guest blogger during COP17 in Durban. Ani works as a Public Education and Outreach Coordinator for Climate Change Connection, a project of the Manitoba Eco-Network. To read more, visit Ani’s blog at

Every day on my way to the Conference Centre I see small children begging on the side of the road at a traffic light. It does not seem right, but a lot of things do not seem right around here. I know I should expect it, but it still always shocks me when I witness it first hand.

Today is Young and Future Generation’s Day at COP17 and these images remind me of how important the voices of young people are at these negotiations. Many young people I have met here come from countries where they are already suffering climate change impacts and they came to Durban to send a message to negotiators: This is not about what is politically possible but about survival for young people and future generations.

In solidarity with youth from around the world, the Canadian Youth Delegation and the United Kingdom Climate Coalition have partnered together to hold a bake sale in order to raise funds to buy back our common future – which is jeopardized in the current negotiations by governments acting on economic short-term goals. Evidently money speaks louder than the voices of their electorate. Therefore youth have decided that it is time for us to start speaking the only language that these governments seem to understand.

In South Africa, I learned a common rally cry which is heard amongst people demanding their rights. Dating back to the days of anti-apartheid resistance – a call and response, the leader yells out “Amandla!” (Power!) and the crowd replies “Awethu!” (To Us!)

I would put the same call out to Canadian people. It is time for us to send a clear message to our government to stand up for our common future.



Power to the People!

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  1. 2011/12/02 12:07 am

    its always great seeing the younger generation taking stand what for matters! great post girl…

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