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Spring is Radical, And It’s Just Begun


Here’s a Solstice message from Reverend Billy, from the Church of Earthalujah, from Zuccotti Square in New York City:

What did I learn this year. We are the 99%. I learned that. So we’re not divided into separate causes anymore who pass like ships in the night – we are all in one cause. Got it, so – keep it simple and strong. One crime, one rage, one love, one Earth! Yes the Earth is part of the 99% and human rights and earth rights must be the same. Earthalujah! What a year! We lived together in public space for a while and after the kops beat us with their 1% sticks we are carrying our magic into the holy days and into the winter. We’ll occupy foreclosed homes and bring families back inside this winter… and May Day waits for us in the sexy Springtime, all the freedom fights who ever marched in a May Day parade wait for us. Revolujah!


Want more of Reverend Billy? Here’s a trailer for the movie, What Would Jesus Buy?


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