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P-Harmony Ad: Oil Execs Looking For Someone To Share Their Dirty Values


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to revisit this great Greenpeace video from 2011. Check out these “tar”-crossed lovers:  Janet, an oil executive and Peter, an Environment Minister who was able to show Janet “her true market value”.


Peter Kent, Canada’s Environment Minister has made it clear that he thinks his job is to protect the tar sands, not the health of Canadians. Send Mr. Kent a Valentine’s message over at Greenpeace’s Polluter Harmony website. You can let him know that you’d like him to love the environment, not the oil industry. The message reads, in part:

Peter, I find it hard to believe the news stories that say you love dirty tar sands oil. But it seems true. There you are telling us to be proud of the dirty tar sands.

Last night, in my dreams, I saw you stand up for the environment and shut down the tar sands. Oh, how I wish you would make my dream come true.”

Click here to send your Valentine’s message to Mr. Kent.

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