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Election Fraud in Canada?


On this Friday I’ll let Rick Mercer have the last word on the state of democracy in Canada:

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  1. mike permalink
    2012/03/27 5:26 am

    plants grow better with more co2. youre silly!

    • 2012/03/27 6:00 am

      Not sure what that has to do with election fraud in Canada, mike, but judging from your remark you’re in the “CO2rUs” camp.
      As has been pointed out here before, you can think of CO2 as feces – a natural and indeed integral part of life; but that doesn’t mean we want it unregulated, and piled up in our living rooms and out in our public spaces. CO2, like feces, needs to be regulated or it becomes dangerous pollution.

    • 2012/03/30 9:14 am

      @mike You’re claiming that CO2 is plant food? Well, then, I can sling epithets too: mine says that you’re a moran.

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