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Earth Day: Carl Sagan On Global Warming


Via Climate Crocks, Carl Sagan on global warming on Earth Day 19990. Note that Sagan’s C02 numbers reflect the 1990 numbers, not current ones. And  when he says that the U.S. generates 21% of the gasses that are responsible for greenhouse effect, he means the extra gases that contribute to atmospheric warming, above and beyond the regular greenhouse effect that makes earth habitable for life.

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  1. Martin Lack permalink
    2012/04/22 8:14 am

    Carl Sagan was an inspiration to me then – and still is today.

    He may have been wrong about the scale of consequences of the uncontrolled burning of Iraqi oil wells after the first Gulf War (something supporters of S Fred Singer will rarely let us forget); and no doubt he would have been criticised – if he had lived to see it happen – for being an “alarmist” over the consequences of the Deep Horizon disaster in another Gulf altogether…

    However, this time the consequences are probably worse than we think; although no-one really wants to admit it – and large sums of money are probably being spent trying to ensure we never find out how bad it really is.

    The problem is our attitude to nature. We will have zero chance of preventing anthropegenic climate disruption, ecocide, and/or societal collapse unless or until:
    1. We stop treating nature’s capital as a source of income – E.F. Schumacher
    2. We stop ignoring the fact that nature has inherent value – Robert Goodin.

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