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Hey Mister Prime Minister, Why Are You So Afraid Of Canadians?


Courageous and talented Canadian artist Franke James, whose 2011 European art tour was cancelled after interference from the Harper government, has recently published an illustrated essay on the current overlap of oil and state (with a large dose of anti-science, anti-democratic polemic) in Canadian politics. You can find Franke’s essay, What is Harper Afraid Of?, at, Here’s the animated version:


More links:

Dear Prime Minister Harper: Please Stop Blacklisting Environmental Artists And Scientists

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  1. 2012/06/06 9:35 am

    I find it so amazing that the people making the decisions which will have major consequences on the the future of the planet know so little about the issues. (“How could Joe not know about the Athabasca River?”!!)

    • 2012/06/06 9:52 am

      Our current federal govt is working in the old paradigm, that the economy is completely separate from the environment, so nobody in power in Ottawa is connecting the dots. It is hard to believe, but it’s symptomatic of an old way of thinking that has to die, to be replaced by one that realizes the connectedness of everything and everyone, like the new physics is showing us.

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