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Oil & Gas Consultant: “No Healthy Community On the Planet Would Allow Hydraulic Fracking”


“No healthy community on this planet would allow hydraulic fracturing.” – Jessica Ernst

Jessica Ernst is a scientist who has worked in the oil and gas industry. She discovered first hand the consequences of hydraulic fracturing in her town of Rosebud, Alberta, Canada. 

This interview was conducted while Ms. Ernst was visiting Michigan to warn communities of the dangers of fracking.


For more information visit:

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  1. 2013/01/22 7:16 am

    Reblogged this on Dr Quantum's Lime Flavoured rEvolution and commented:
    Fracking is quite simply a crime against humanity. The distressing current reality is that by the time this has become abundantly clear it seems much damage will have been done. I am seeing more and more clearly the incredible power of focused intent. We must all come to know how much we do not want it and have a clear vision for alternatives

  2. 2013/01/22 8:42 am

    Thanks for spreading the word, guys! I was surprised that the video, which was posted last May, had only 1000 views thus far. Hopefully we can change that!

  3. 2013/01/24 2:29 am

    Reblogged this on The Green Word.

  4. 2013/01/24 2:31 am

    For me, hydraulic fracturing is another example of desperately “scraping the bottom of the barrel”. We allow it to happen, we allow it to hurt our communities, because we do not have the guts to move beyond fossil fuels.


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