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If You Wait Until You’re Dead Certain About Grave Danger, You’re Already Dead


It’s TED Talk Tuesday on 350orbust, and here’s a great presentation by Rear Admiral David Titley from the U.S. Navy on why he changed from being a climate skeptic to being very very concerned about climate change, and what America can do to respond to this crisis.


admiral titley quote

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  1. 2013/02/19 5:04 pm

    Bit of a mixed message here… I see “40,000 Strong at the Biggest Climate Rally the U.S. Has Ever Seen” (That Went Mostly Unreported in All The Media That Make A Difference). I see a poster saying ‘Act Now Or Die’. And yet I see and hear a TEDx (emphasis on the ‘x’) presentation which ends… without any sense of real urgency.

    • 2013/02/19 5:10 pm

      I believe this video is a few years old, so that may explain the lack of urgency.

    • 2013/02/19 7:52 pm

      Or perhaps being the master of understatement is an important asset in the U.S. Navy??

  2. 2013/02/19 5:04 pm

    You would think that conservatives, being such supporters of the military, would listen to what soldiers are telling us about climate change.

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